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         Hello and Happy New Year to all Ask Mr. Edge reader’s. With the New Year at hand we will be doing our best to bring you the most up to date content concerning our sport and some off topic subjects as well. I know there are many questions regarding figure skating equipment such as preventive maintenance, injuries, and how to avoid them, equipment care, and much more.

We are also looking forward to posting you, (the readers’), stories, articles, successes and achievments with regards to your skating career. Just visit our website: and contact us with your suggesstions and articles. We will be glad to post your articles in our blog. Its that simple!

Since beginning our blog format, we have been receiving hundreds of comments weekly from other websites as well. If you would like to partner up with our website and exchange links to promote both your site and ours, please feel free to submit your ideas and website URL’s. Serious inquiries only! Spam will be deleted. We thank you for your understanding.

For more Ask Mr. Edge information and content, read Mr. Edge’s outstanding articles which can be found in each monthly publication of U.S. Figure Skating Magazine. Got a question, Ask Mr. Edge.

Now for the best news. Coming soon the “Ask Mr. Edge” book will be available for purchase. This is a must buy for anyone involved in figure skating. From the beginning skater to the proffessional; even coaches will benefit from the information provided in this book. The book is full of valuable information that anyone involved in skating should know; which boot should I buy? What is the best blade? How often do I sharpen my skates? How to prevent injuries……..and much more. This is certainily a book that will “Change the Way the World Skates, One Skater at a Time”.

We thank you all for visiting our website. Thanks for reading and please visit us again soon.


FigureMeOut – Ask Mr. Edge Administrator


Book Coming Soon! 



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