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Attention Coaches

Attention All Ice Skating Coaches:

Ask Mr. Edge is building a Coaches Data Base which will be used to create a directory to help new students locate a coach in their area. This service will help promote you and your business by helping skaters locate a coach, even when they are away from home. In addition, you’ll also be promoting yourself to thousands of skaters who are currently in Learn to Skate classes and are without a private coach. Our directory will benefit both coaches and skaters, making it easier to find, locate and connect with you; creating more opportunity to generate student clientele.

What better way to let skaters know who you are, then through the “Ask Mr. Edge” website. Submit your information now so students can easily and effectively connect with you. Only coaches who submit their information will benefit from this service.

Attention Coaches

How Do I Submit My Information?

You must register with our website to submit your information. Registration is easy and its free. Once you register, log in and return to this page. You will see the submission form at the bottom of this post. Click here to Log In or Register.

Who Should Submit Information?

Coaches from anywhere in the world can submit their information. We strongly encourage all coaches in the United States to fill out the Skating Coach Information form. Our initial launch will be U.S.A. based, but we are also accepting information from al International skating coaches as well. Please be sure to include the Country in which you are currently coaching.

What Are The Requirments?

There are no requirements. If you teach Ice Skating and would like to be listed in our directory, just fill out the Skating Coaches Information form. It’s that easy!

How Will I Benefit From This?

The first rule of advertising and marketing: There Is No Such Thing As Over Exposure. The more places you can publish your name and contact information, the better your chances at becoming successful. The information you submit is one more source of advertisement to help promote you as a skating coach. Skaters are constantly searching for coaches, and coaches are always looking for new students. Your submission will generate a listing of what, when, and where you teach, creating more opportunity for you as a skating coach.

Why Should I Submit My Information?

The Internet is the most widely used research tool in the world, and is used by millions of businesses and individuals as a resource means in promoting products and services. The Internet is also a valuable resource to further promote you as a skating coach. Students will only be able to contact you if they can find you. By submitting your information, you have just made it much easier for students to locate a coach in their area, which benefits both you and the student. In addition, not all coaches teach the same levels of skating. This is why it is very important you tell us exactly what levels of skating you teach and/or what you specialize in. This way, students will find the coach they are looking for and coaches will acquire the students they are seeking after.

What If I Don’t Want To  Leave My Phone Number?

If you do not wish to be contacted by phone, you can leave us your personal e-mail address, your business e-mail, rink phone number that  you teach at or any other form you choose to be contacted by. Please keep in mind, the more information you submit, the better chance you have at acquiring new students.

Why Should I Publish My Information?

You do not have to submit your coaching information. This is strictly on a volunteer basis. Only coaches who choose to be listed will be published. Many coaches will submit information, but only the ones who do will benefit from the added publicity of their submission. If your information is not included, students will not be able to contact you. Coaches who do submit information will have one more source of advertisement from this website, unlike coaches who do not. Students are only going to contact coaches they can find.

How Soon Will My Information Be Published?

Once our directory is large enough, we will announce how and when we will be releasing it. This application will only be as successful as you make it. The more coaches that become involved, the faster we can publish our directory.

Please fill out the form as soon as possible. Log In or Register to complete the Skating Coach Information form.

'Skating Coach Information' is only available to registered users.

If you have an idea that might improve the submission process, or more that should be added, just let us know. Is there any more information you would like to see included with the Skating Coach Information form?

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