Paramount Figure Skating Blades

Paramount Figure Skating Blades

What can we say, simply the best! Lightweight, come in colors, true stainless steel blade construction for optimal edge bite. These babies cut through the ice like butter! What more could you want?

These blades meet and exceed every aspect of competitive skating. Just ask Rachael Flatt, Hannah Miller, Richard Dornbush, and Victoria Rose Hecht – U.S. National Competitor. Click here for more skater photos.

Paramount Blades are available in a variety of colors. There are 6 stock colors and custom colors are available. Name a color, Paramount will get it done!

Paramount Blade colors

What would you say if I told you things can be easier? You can have more endurance. You can actually skate faster, spin better, and could acheive your skating goals faster. Lightweight is key in all sports. Lighter equipment WILL give you more endurance. Picture skating around the rink while holding a 20 pound weight. How long will it be before you are tired and need a rest. Now picture skating around with a 5 pound weight. Which one will make you less tired? Ah ha you say! Simple right! Well Paramount Blades deliver with there lightweight construction, and hardened stainless steel blade. Not only will you have more endurance, but your feet will actually move faster. And how about knowing you have sharp edges on your blades. The stainless steel blade construction means less trips to your skate sharpener, because Paramount Blades will stay sharp for much longer then any other blade on the market. Which means you get to keep that skate sharpening money in your pocket.

5 Times More Accurate

Paramount blade’s hollow and profile is machined with high accuracy precision while other profiles vary significantly from blade to blade. Paramount has profiles that are comparable to the Pattern 99, Gold Seal, Phantom, Coronation Ace, and MK Professional blades. These blade profiles are much more accurate on Paramount blades because of Paramount’s CNC computer machining process. We are the only company that CNC machines the profile curves, making our profiles more accurate than any other blade on the market.


Lighter and Stronger

Paramount blades are the lightest and strongest in the world. Paramount Blades are made from a lightweight aircraft aluminum holder with a high quality steel runner. Our unique triangular shaped frame increases strength and stiffness. Due to the lighter weight, skaters using our blades will experience higher longer jumps, faster spins, and increased endurance during long programs or practice sessions.


Modern Aerospace Materials

Other manufacturers’ skating blades consist of 3 separate pieces made from carbon steel (a 16th century technology) which are then brazed together. The Paramount blade holder is made from a super lightweight one-piece aluminum extrusion (21st century technology) and high-grade stainless steel runner. This high-grade runner is much harder and stronger than carbon steel.


420C (7 elements) and 440C (8 elements) Stainless Steel

Our 420C and 440C is much stronger than regular carbon steel blades and will hold an edge much longer before needing to be sharpened. Therefore, blade life is increased dramatically as well as being more durable. 440C Stainless Steel is manufactured at 9 times the cost of carbon steel.


These blades, being up to 50 percent lighter and stronger

Combine these blades with some of the new lightweight boots on the market and lose up to 5lbs per skater. The extra strong, lightweight, one-piece aluminum construction is virtually unbreakable. The rocker profiles of the freestyle blades are the same as the Pattern 99 and the Gold Seal blades. The profile and width of our dance blade is similar to the MK Gold Dance.


These blades are CNC machined with high accuracy

Making every blade precise and identical is what Paramount strides to achieve, and does each and every time. Unlike other blades, Paramount blades are all exact requiring no adjustment period between blade sets. You no longer need to re-learn how to skate on a “new” pair of blades because our tolerances are the tightest in the industry. Enjoy the perfection of Paramount Skate Blades.

Paramount Blades can not be sharpened by anyone. The blade design requires a special skate clamp to properly sharpen. Only authorized Paramount Dealers should sharpen your Paramount Blades. And Ask Mr. Edge at Geppetto’s Skate Shop is by far the best person for the job. We have many customers who ship there skates directly to our store for skate sharpening. Your Skates will be shipped out the very next day after we receive them. Call us for prices and schedule or email us at

Geppettos Skate Shop – Authorized Paramount Dealer

5501 Walnut Ave.

Downers Grove, IL 60515 


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