Blade Radius (rocker) Explained

Rob at Paramount Skates has offered some useful tools and some insight to help explain what exactly the radius of the blade means and it’s function. Check it out:

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Blade Radius Explained


The figure skater spins and jumps on the small curve in front.  Please look at the enclosed drawing.

The 7 or 8 foot curve is used to stroke and glide.

The skater only skates on small sections of the blade. I think everyone has watched the video and saw the bumps and flat spots in the 7 or 8 foot curves.   Some sections are 22 feet some only 6 feet,

What this means is the 7 or 8 foot curves are a myth,  you will only be lucky to find a section in the blade that is actually 7 or 8 feet. 


Below is a link to the Video showing the 7 and 8 foot radius,  over 6000 views on YouTube.
In other words when the say 7 or 8 foot radius this means nothing,  it is the curves in front that are important to the figure skater.


Robert Rudolph
Paramount Sk8s, Inc.

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