Dr. Weil Radio featuring John Harmata (Mr. Edge)

Dr. Robert A. Weil hosts a radio show which promotes good health as well as www.sportsdoctorradio.com website. Here’s Our New Venue for  “The Sports Doctor”– Dr. Bob is very excited about joining the  distinguished hosts on the popular http://healthylife.net and their international  audiences. Starts Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 3-4 pm. The first few shows will be taped, then ITS  LIVE with call ins.


The December 4th 2013 radio show featured yours truly, Mr. Edge as a guest. You can listen to the program here:
Ask Mr. Edge Radio Show guest appearance

Visit www.sportsdoctorradio.com for more information and links to all the latest radio shows Dr. Robert A. Weil has featured.


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