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Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury by John Harmata

AoaFSI CoverIt’s finally here! Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury by John Hamata, a.k.a. Mr. Edge is now available for purchase at and Barnes & Noble book stores.

A must have for skating parents, coaches and ice skaters of all ages and skill levels. This book contains over 100  pages of crucial information on the relationship between proper boot fitting, mounting blades, sharpening and how they all relate to one another in helping to prevent injury.

Inside you will find illustrations and photos to help you  understand which boot and blade you should be choosing instead of what may have been recommended to you by someone else.  Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury also explains why the wrong equipment can and usually does…..cause injury.

This book also contains valuable information on equipment care and maintenance such as Ice Skate sharpening, boot care, and how to make those old skates you love last a few more years.

Available in Black and White Paperback, Color Paperback, Color Hardcover and eBook. You can purchase the book at or through Geppetto’s Skate Shop.


“Bold New Evidence” is put forth in this book identifying the source of injuries afflicting competitive figure skaters. Podiatrists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals now have a new tool to use in combating these types of injuries.  Dr. Robert A. Weil, DPM

“The skating community is so concerned about fixing problems after they happen, and responding with panic, and this gives everyone great information on how to prevent and prepare!”  Gina Pongetti, MPT, MA, CSCS

“I believe this book to be of great value to medical professionals who treat figure skating injuries day-to-day. Regardless of a skater’s age or skating level, this book can help identify the source of a problem and offers step-by-step options and solutions to solving the problem”.  John Harmata, aka: Mr. Edge


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For Color Paperback with full color interior click here:

Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury
ISBN 978-0-7414-8213-6

For Black and White Paperback click here:

Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury
ISBN 978-0-7414-8239-6

For Color Hardcover click here:

Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury
ISBN # 978-0-7414-8214-3


For the eBook (Kindle Edition) click here:

Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury
ISBN 978-0-7414-8215-0


August 19, 2014


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